goodbye sweetheart…


I prayed for you, God answered

I longed to hear your heartbeat, God answered….




I saw your beautiful eyes, they did not see mine

Instead your eyes saw Jesus


I touched your precious hands, they did not feel mine

Instead you are being embraced by Jesus


I kissed your lips, your head, your heart, you did not in turn kiss mine

Instead you are being kissed by Jesus


I dreamed of you growing up with your brothers, you will grow no longer here

Instead you will grow with Jesus


I imagined you and dad smiling and laughing together, this image I will never see

Instead you will be joyfully living with Jesus


My baby boy, my gift from God, Nathaniel

I sorrowfully give you back to Jesus


My whole heart aches, is shattered and broken

I place my broken heart in the hands of Jesus…where you are


One day I will see you again, I will hold you, I will kiss you, and I will hear you call me mommy.

On that day, you can introduce me to Jesus.


I love you…

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