…excuse me while I read a chapter from my hate speech


Where did everything go so wrong? I see multiple people posting such a question on social media. This world is becoming so unraveled and it leaves those of us that are watching tragedies unfold wondering why?

Why does God allow this to happen? Why does God sit back and just watch humanity destroy each other? Why would God put the lives of little Children in the grasps of dangerous animals? Why?

When everything dies down and the media consumes itself with another “breaking news story” these questions dwindle away. Everyone seems to forget about God until the next tragedy occurs and then He is questioned again. Does this                                                                                seem at all backwards to you?

It does not surprise me to hear people openly dismiss that there is a God and live a life that goes to support that, only to turn around and blame Him when somethings goes wrong.

Everything that is going on in this world is not surprising or new. It is extremely horrific to know that there are individuals and groups of people that believe it’s OK to commit mass murders. It is terrible that there is so much hate in this world that provokes such crimes, but it isn’t new.

I think it is extremely naive to think that we have become a generation that has evolved into something so wonderful and different than the generations that came before us. We are not living in a time that is something “new” to God. Sure…if you believe that we all came from a gigantic freak accident, some random explosion in the air that sparked a living organism that eventually turned nothing into a world populated with humans then yes, yes we have evolved. We are no longer a big ball of nothing floating in space, we are humans that cohabit the earth with other living things. However such a thought is absolutely ridiculous to me. To think that humans derived from a mistake means that we have absolutely no meaning at all.

I believe that we were created from the hands of the most loving Father. As such a belief, I then know that the Bible was written by inspiration and direct instructions from God.  If you go back in history at all you will see that what is happening right now happened before. God destroyed the world with a flood when his creation turned so wicked and would not repent or change their ways that He had no other choice but to cleanse it of such evil.  When reading through the bible you cannot choose one instruction from God and dismiss another because the “world has evolved”. I do not believe Hebrews 13:8 was given to us by coincidence.

“Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever”.

The one thing that most people seem to agree on is that God IS love. After that, you are able to see a clear division in those who actually believes in God, and those who want the best of both worlds. Yes, God IS love. However before He is love, He is holy. This is something that I believe is gravely overlooked. As a holy God he cannot accept sin. It’s that simple.

No one is sinless. No one. I thank God daily that He did something for us that allows a sinful person such as myself a way to get to heaven. Without Him there is no salvation. I do not want to believe that this world is all we have to look forward to. We live in a world that is constantly changing what is socially and politically correct.

It’s really not that complicated if you take the word of God as THE way THE truth and THE light. God not once, but twice, gave his creation a list of commandments. Instructions to follow and live by. These however have become more of a “suggestion” now.

No matter what situation you see happening today you can bet that you will find something about it in the bible. Is this a coincidence? Obviously not. God knows all things and He has given us instructions in His word that was written thousands of years ago. This alone should be proof enough that what we are seeing and going though right now isn’t new.


I am saddened that to open up my bible is almost getting to the point (by world views) that I am basically just opening up a giant book with chapter after chapter of hate speeches. If you take what the bible says and hold it against what is politically correct now then yes, one could conclude that the bible does not conform to what the world is changing into.  However, what would you rather choose? A society that is constantly changing, a world that believes one thing one day and then “evolves” to another belief the next? Or something that has stood the test of time from the beginning?

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Romans 12:2


There has been nothing that has happened in my life that I wasn’t able to find complete comfort in from something God has given us in His word. Nothing.

I am thankful that my God is a compassionate one, He doesn’t take joy in any pain. He hates wickedness and is not at all pleased with the way things are changing here on earth. This isn’t my opinion, this is the truth. He destroyed the world once because of it. Like long ago, he offered those on this earth a way to save themselves. Back then it was a physical structure, an ark. How sad is it that after all the years it took and all the years of those around listening to Noah that not one person felt the need to listen to God. Noah and his family were the only ones that trusted God and took things seriously enough to obey Him. Today we do not have a physical place to go to be saved, but God provided His son as a sacrifice on the cross. How easy is it to just believe, but how sad is it that few will enter heavens gates because pride, selfishness and egos will get in the way of choosing to put your faith in someone you cannot see.

Living life today in a way that is pleasing to you and ignoring the truths and instructions God has given us (not to control us but to let us know what it takes to be holy so we can be with Him) will only result in eternal death. The sad truth is that we can never on our own become holy enough to see heaven. Thank God He gave us his son’s body as a bridge which allows us a way to cross the gap from sinful humans to the splendors of heaven.

It’s not that crazy of a concept to think that “our Father” set out rules for us so that we could have the best life possible. Any parent can relate to this. Do we just allow our kids to go and do whatever they want? Would we not try to protect them and give them guidance throughout their lives because we are so in love with them? Same thing. Just as kids’ rebel and do things that break parents hearts, it is the same case with God’s creation.

Let’s choose compassion and not hate. Let’s choose to love one another. But let’s not forget that there is a book that was written for us. That gives us clear instructions and that gives us hope. In a world that is once again spiraling down the path of evil and terror, there is salvation for us all.


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