a little note of gratitude…

Two weeks ago, at this exact time I was nearing the moment when I would get to hold my baby. It is so surreal to look back and think of the feelings and anxiety that I was going through as the hour approached when both Justin and I would look into the face of our third son.

These two weeks have been filled with so many emotions and a multitude of blessings amidst the tears and heartache. We as a family, came face to face with an overwhelmingly heart-wrenching experience and in the thick of it all felt the peace of God holding us close.

To everyone who has extended their sympathies, we thank you. Justin and I are in awe of the amount of support and love we have received and are receiving still to this day. From flowers to delicious food, emails to cards, sentimental personalized gifts to warm hugs, we have felt love pour over us.

Words cannot express how thankful we are to those in our lives who have stood beside us and held us close to their thoughts and prayers. We understand that the loss we feel is a unique one, one that only those who have lived or are living it can fully understand. Regardless of that, the outpouring of support has been unbelievable and we realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are richly blessed with amazing family and friends both near and far, old and new.

This post is solely one to thank everyone for caring for our little family. We will carry this feeling of love with us forever.

Thank you. We are blessed. You are loved.

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